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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium – in response to Covid 19


Due to the changes to educational provision caused by the COVID-19 pandemic the detail in the Pupil Premium strategy has been subject to review since Sept 2020.


Our use of the funding has been adapted to meet students’ needs as they have arisen, whilst maintaining where possible the principles outlined in the Pupil Premium Strategy document.


During the pandemic, the following key steps were taken to ensure that ‘disadvantaged pupils’ barriers to learning continued to be overcome wherever possible by:

  • Children attended school where appropriate. (vulnerable pupils, those without access to relevant IT or an appropriate place to study, and the children of key workers). Out of all of the children attending 23% were pupil premium. 

  • We ensured children had the correct tools to complete home learning- Chromebooks were provided (using some funding from PP) to all children without the necessary IT equipment to allow appropriate access to the internet.  Out of the Chromebooks issued approx, 50% were PP children.

  • PP funded LSA’s to provide additional support as directed by the class teacher to support the needs of the PP pupils both in class and with support to access remote learning.

  • Phone calls to children to check their welfare and to ensure they were able to complete remote learning tasks and address any misconceptions.

  • The welfare team supported parents by phone and distanced home visits to provide emotional support, food bank vouchers, and the provision of food parcels in lieu of school lunches being provided.


We have identified that some small savings were made during the pandemic which included;

  • Subsiding and paying for school trips

  • Purchasing uniform 

  • Funding for school clubs

  • Breakfast club costs

However, this saving was minimal, and we are now supporting many families with uniforms, and the school trips planned for the summer term.  


Any savings made during lockdown are being used to support extra catch-up for PP children.


Future versions of the strategy will reflect the changes that occurred during remote learning

The publications below provide further information



Pupil Premium Funding

Meeting the educational needs of potentially disadvantaged children

The aim of the Government Pupil Premium is to raise achievement among pupils in the following categories who receive or are entitled to Free School Meals, children in care (Looked After Children) and children with parents in the Armed Forces.

The funding is used to enable an education which will increase life choices for children who fall into one of the three categories above, enabling them to have more choices in further education and later careers. Children will be supported to attain and progress well, reducing any gap between high and low income families.

We have a range of strategies and programmes to support all our children with additional strategies for children identified as being in receipt of the “pupil premium” when they are needed.

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