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Geography is about understanding the world we live in - it helps us to build connections between global people and places, to ask questions and provide the knowledge and understanding of the human and physical environment, to be able to answer them. Through an enquiry-based approach, the geography curriculum also allows children to develop other key skills which apply to other areas of the school curriculum.


At Beechview, children are inspired to be curious about the world and develop an inquisitive mindset that directs them to understand the geographical processes behind the world around them, as well as recognise their place and role to play within it. We support this by allowing children to explore their identity and how we relate to others by appreciating the similarities and differences between their culture and others around the world.


We also recognise that there may be students attending Beechview, who potentially lack opportunities to have cultural experiences and require access to cultural capital to ensure this does not hold them back in their learning. We have provided a knowledge and experience-based curriculum which exposes pupils to new activities, raises aspirations and fills these gaps. To further support this, geography is meaningfully planned and linked to high-quality texts throughout the English curriculum and beyond, making it relevant to the topics chosen throughout the year. 


Geography Learning Journey Coming Soon!