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Welcome to Beechview Academy.

Academy School Uniform

Our children are proud of their school and wearing the correct uniform is an important way for children to show their pride.  The uniform that is required for all children is detailed below.  Please note that jewellery is not permitted, hair accessories must be simple and in school colours and hairstyles must be suitable for school.  

Uniform Availability

Our branded uniform is available from PMG schoolwear (Please see below links for further details). We know a number of retailers sell our colour uniform unbranded also.


As we are very aware of the Cost of Living crisis we want to ensure we support our families, especially when it comes to school uniform. We understand children grow out of their uniform quickly, with it barely being worn so we have created a school run Uniform Swop Shop. We have a number of uniform items that have barely been worn. If you need a new uniform item you can come to our swop shop on the dates listed below and either swop an item for an item or offer a small donation.