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Welcome to Beechview Academy.


At Beechview Academy we are working closely with the Buckinghamsire Attendance Team in order to improve the Academy's attendance and punctuality. 


The procedures in place are based on the Traffic Light System to create a more simplistic and consistent approach. 


  • Attendance above 95% will be coded Green (Safety Zone)
  • Attendance between 90% and 94% will be coded Amber (At Risk Zone)
  • Attendance below 90% will be coded Red (Danger Zone)


When pupils attendance drops to Amber or Red we will contact parents and their child's attendance will be monitored internally. If after internal monitoring there has been no improvement or there are further absences, parents will then be called into school for a Parent Contract Meeting (see PCM information also on our website). During the Parent Contract Meeting we will discuss concerns and any support that can be offered to support families to improve attendance.


We do recognise that there may be legitimate reasons for absences and that some families face difficulties which may impact their child's attendance and education. This is why we use the Traffic Light System to highlight any issues at an early stage so that we can work together and prevent legal action against parents that fail to ensure that their child attends the Academy. 


We do hope that you will continue to support our school by promoting the Academy's attendance and informing us if you feel there are any issues that are preventing your child from attending regularly. 

Parent Contract Meetings and Penalty Notices

Our attendance policy can be found on our policies page or by clicking the link below.