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Beechview Academy

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

After School Clubs start Monday 13th January


Year 3 Holly Class Teacher: Miss Lorna Whitehead



Year 3 Oak Class Teacher/Assistant Head/SENDCo: Miss J Room


Deputy Head/Class Teacher 3 Oak: Mrs Kelly Reeves



Year 4 Cedar Class Teacher: Ms C Crocker


Year 4 Elm Class Teacher:  Miss C Shuriah




Year 5 Hazel Class Teacher: Mrs L Smith

Year 5 Willow Teacher: Miss L Tarbuck



Year 6 Maple Class Teacher/Assistant Head: Miss E Styles

Year 6 Pine Class Teacher: Mx A Merritt

Class Teacher: Miss T Rego

School Direct Trainee: Mrs S Ballina

School Direct Trainee: Mrs S Hunter



School Direct Trainee: Mr T Adham


School Direct Trainee: Miss D Ponsonby

Artist In Residence: Miss C Bownass

Preforming Arts: Miss K Melling

Science Teacher Year 5 and 6: Dr R Sowden

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