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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

We are open to all year groups plus Key Worker children! We are delighted to see our children getting back into school. Any Beechview parents who have questions about our current arrangements, please contact the school office for further details.

Star of the week



3 May 2919 - AMY - for working hard to write her autobiography.

5 April 2919 - WHOLE CLASS -For wonderful behaviour on the Science Museum School Trip.

29 March 2019 - ZAIDAN For his resilience in solving problems in Maths

22 March 2019 - MUSTAFA - For his resilience in adding fractions in Maths.

15 March 2019 - KEIRA - For settling in well into our school environment, and working really hard in all her lessons.

8 March 2019 - MILLIE - For her bravery and resilience when coping with her injury.

1 March 2019 - AMAAR - For his excellent behaviour this week and having a positive attitude towards his learning.

15 February 2019 - ALL - for a tremendous amount of effort they all put into their Arabian Nights Production.

8 February 2019 - KYLA - for working really hard to improve her handwriting, so everyone can read her wonderful stories.

1 February 2019 - MARIANA - for settling into school well and concentrating on her work.


25 January 2019 - VANESSA - for using her spare time at home to learn more about science and share her findings with the class.


18 January 2019 - HANNAH - for steering clear of distractions and concentrating on her work.

11th January 2019- NIKKI - for putting in extra effort at home towards her learning.


14 December 2918 - WHOLE CLASS -for a huge effort in memorising lines and songs  for the Christmas production.


7 December 2018 -  MORGAN  - for reading regularly with great enthusiasm.


30 November 2018 -  DAVID - for being a fantastic logophile (loves new words).


23 November 2018 - LEON - for writing a fantastic war poem in English.


16 November 2018 -  EMILIA - for writing fantastic fronted adverbials.


9 November 2018 - SOPHIE - for working well independently and adding larger numbers in maths.


2 November 2018 - SAHARA - for fantastic attitude and 100% commitment towards all her learning.


12 October 2018 - ALFIE - for putting in fantastic effort to improve his writing and for a positive attitude towards his work.


5 October 2018 - OSMAN - consistently showing positive attitude towards his work and challenging himself in Maths with the 3chilli worksheet.


28 September 2018 - RYAN - for concentrating in Maths and answering all his questions correctly.


21 September 2019 - EMAAN - for writing a clear and concise newspaper report about the incident in the library.


14 September 2018 - MEGAN - for consistently being on task and showing a high level of dedication and enthusiasm in her lessons.