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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

Coronavirus - Beechview is currently closed owing to the Coronavirus outbreak. Free School Meals: office staff are currently contacting parents to arrange collection of food tomorrow and to discuss details going forward. If you haven't heard from . us: please get in to contact.

Mental Health Mentors

Mental Health                   Mental Health

Team Leader                      Team Leader


6 Pine: Ava                    6 Maple: David

Picture 1 6 Pine: Lillie
Picture 2 6 Pine: Keira
Picture 3 6 Pine: Alfie
Picture 4 6 Pine: Sadie
Picture 5 6 Maple: Amy
Picture 6 6 Maple: Caitlin
Picture 7 6 Maple: Luis
Picture 8 6 Maple: Leo