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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

Afterschool Zone Club next Session - Monday 3rd February

Going for Gold

Morgan - for being being independent in remembering to come to the office every day, showing good manners, and  a sense of humour.

Alfie - for being super understanding and showing kindness to others

Ava - For helping a new member of 5 Willow settle into our school.

Megan - For her amazing resilience in learning formal multiplication.

Sahara - for being more confident in class and working independently in all her subjects.

Vanessa - for fantastic work which was more than expected.

Leon  - For always giving 100% in all his lessons.

Morgan - For being super understanding and showing kindness towards another child in a time of need.

David - for being extremely helpful in class and supporting other children.


Nikki - for her amazing research at home and for sharing it with the class.

Ava - for her mature attitude, honesty and understanding when she found herself in a sticky and difficult situation.

Vanessa - for being kind and thoughtful towards her school friend, when they needed someone.