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Welcome to Beechview Academy. Gates open at 8.40am and school finishes 3.15pm.

Coronavirus update for families

After a long period of lockdown for the second time as a whole school, we are delighted to be back to full opening, with all children and staff.  However, a number of changes and restrictions remain in place, and these are set out below.  All of our changes are designed to keep the site as safe as we possibly can for all our children and all the adults on site.  We also ask all other members of our community to pay attention to these guidelines and also to practice the Covid safety guidance available from Public Health England.


Our adaptations to normal practice during Covid include the following:

Increased hygiene, particularly with routine hand washing.

Social distancing, initially with a two metre rule and latterly with the 1+ metre guidance wherever this is practical to do so.  DfE advice is that it is often not possible for primary aged children to remain fully socially distanced.  They also advise that primary schools should not require face masks or coverings to be worn.  At Beechview we do not require masks in the classroom, but advise our teachers to do so wherever. possible and when not possible they should wear masks.    

Greatly increased use of technology, both to support children learning from home and also to support the learning of children in class.

Careful arrangement of classrooms to maximise social distancing and to create an orderly calm learning environment.  Desks have been arranged to face the front.

Much more outdoor learning whenever the weather permits.

Decluttering of the room and desks, with each child managing her own individual resources, stored in ziplock bags.


We have learned a lot from the experience, and from February when all our children returned from lockdown we have applied most of these lessons to our new arrangements.  The goal is first and foremost their (and our staff's) safety, but also to continue to support both the learning and the well-being of the children.  It isn't perfect, but it really is working.  


Here is a short video showing some year 3 children coming back in from their outdoor time into the new look classrooms.