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Beechview closes for the Summer on Friday 17th July. We open for the Autumn Term on Thursday 3rd September. In the meantime, goodbye to our wonderful Year 6 children, who now go off to start secondary schools, and thanks and best wishes to all our community. It has been a very interesting year!

Coronavirus update for parents

Over the past few months Beechview has been open, initially as a "Key Worker School" and more recently with about 2/3 of our children back into the classroom.  As government guidance has changed we have been evolving the way that we provide our children with their education, but throughout it all there have been a few basic priorities:


Increased hygiene, particularly with routine hand washing.

Social distancing, initially with a two metre rule and latterly with the 1+ metre guidance.  

Greatly increased use of technology, both to support children learning from home and also to support the learning of children in class.

Careful arrangement of classrooms to maximise social distancing and to create an orderly calm learning environment.

Much more outdoor learning.

Decluttering of the room and desks, with each child managing her own individual resources, stored in ziplock bags.


We have learned a lot from the experience, and from September when all children return we will be applying most of these lessons to our new arrangements.  The goal is first and foremost their (and our staff's) safety, but also to continue to support both the learning and the well-being of the children.  It isn't perfect, but it really is working.  


Here is a short video showing some year 3 children coming back in from their outdoor time into the new look classrooms.