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Year 6 Maple

Signing shirts

Signing shirts 1
Signing shirts 2
Signing shirts 3
Signing shirts 4
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Tuesday 18th July

Hello everyone,

Sorry it has taken me so long to update this page as we have been so busy recently in Year 6!


I just wanted to say that I have just got back from the school disco tonight and I am so proud of every single one of you! 


Last week we had a fantastic end of year performance to friends and family followed by an enjoyable evening at the disco tonight!


You have all worked incredibly hard to get to this stage so make the most of your last few days of being at Beechview!


I hope you're all as excited as I am for the next few days to spend time together!


Here are some photos from tonight....


You're all amazing!!

(Thank you so much to adults who have helped make our end of year things as successful as they have been!)

Just a few from tonight's disco...

Just a few from tonight's disco... 1
Just a few from tonight's disco... 2
Just a few from tonight's disco... 3
Just a few from tonight's disco... 4


As part of year 6's enterprising projects, I have had a wonderful idea to sell ice lollies after school for a mere 50p!

As the weather is going to be hot this week, a cold refreshing lolly will cool you down!


Lucy making the zip wire look easy

Still image for this video

I hope this snippet explains some silly singing over the weekend...

Still image for this video

Emily being very brave in going first...

Still image for this video

More PGL

More PGL 1 All ready for the water...
More PGL 2 We built this!
More PGL 3 Ignore the finger and look how happy we are!
More PGL 4 Why did everyone jump in...?
More PGL 5 A helping hand
More PGL 6 Ellen was raring to go!
More PGL 7 Nicholas found several trees...
More PGL 8 Millie looking confident
More PGL 9 What zip wire nerves...?
More PGL 10 Where we ate each day-a banquet with friends
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More PGL 12 PGL 2017 (excuse the tired faces!)

Sunday 21st May


I'm very excited for all of 6 Maple to see each other tomorrow morning to share stories of their adventures over the last week! I think there will be lots of chatting and surprises all round when we realise what we've all been up to! 


I'm hoping to put all of the photos and videos together for parents and children to see very soon...

Here are a few to help make those stories make a bit more sense. 


When we returned to school on Friday, it was lovely to share how proud of the children us adults are! I hope you are all equally as proud of yourselves for getting yourselves out of your comfort zones!


See you all tomorrow,

Miss Styles

PGL adventures (sneak preview)

PGL adventures (sneak preview) 1
PGL adventures (sneak preview) 2
PGL adventures (sneak preview) 3
PGL adventures (sneak preview) 4
PGL adventures (sneak preview) 5
PGL adventures (sneak preview) 6
PGL adventures (sneak preview) 7
PGL adventures (sneak preview) 8
PGL adventures (sneak preview) 9
PGL adventures (sneak preview) 10

Friday 19th May 2017


Our final day at Funges Meadow with John and Steph. An amazing week where characters have emerged and surprised all of us, especially me (Mr B). Every one of these students has contributed something unique to the group and the week. I can honestly say that everyone has grown amazingly; they may not yet realise by how much!


Life is not just about football and the whole Chiltern Ranger team should be so proud about what they are adding to the value they are giving to education. 







Thursday 18th May 2017


Sorry for the late post but here is an update of what we were up to. Another fine day, until it was time to walk home. We enjoyed the rain and especially the small flies that we had to walk through on the way back to school as we passed the Wye.

Today we learned about knots and teamwork. 





During all of this, a number of interesting bugs were found. Here is just one of them.


This was a really interesting insect, we have now identified it as a clover mite. Not the most popular of insects, however a real discovery in a meadow in High Wycombe.


One of the girls used her new-found skills to help her around the site. Not the most comfortable way though!!



Once the frame was built, it was time to move it.


When we had a chance, there was a tree just waiting to be climbed...






Wednesday 17th May (PGL)


Hello everyone,

We are loving seeing photos of all of the activities Year 6 children are doing back at school and with the Chiltern Rangers - can't wait to hear all about it!


We have had an amazing time so far at PGL and the children are really enjoying themselves! They will have lots of stories to tell you when they return! I'm really sorry for the lack of posts but we have been tiring ourselves out with activities throughout the day and into the night!


We have some amazing photos and videos to share with you but the internet doesn't agree with that here! Really looking forward to sharing these as soon as we can. Here's a few as a sneak preview:




We are really looking forward to the rest of our activities and are making the most of every minute!


Will upload more when we can,

From everyone at PGL

Wednesday 17th May 2017.


Today, we thought there might be a little rain, so we brought the meadow to the school instead. Mrs Crump was not pleased with the trail of stick and leaves through the school reception as she watched a large 'bush' making its way to the art room.


The children were taught to use drills, hammers, saws, loppers, nails, string and a variety of other things. Here are some of them at work:






Here are some of the completed structures..





Finally, they were finished and John and Steph joined the group to show off the good work.



We will be off to the meadow again tomorrow to prepare for the big day on Friday - but more about that in tomorrows report!!

-Tuesday 16th May 2017


Non-PGL children had a morning of helping in classrooms, followed by more library sorting. After lunch, it was time to head to the Meadow for another afternoon of excitement and discovery. After an initial day where children found the slightest thing quite alien to them, today they appeared to accept the wildlife around them and were much more adventurous. Today we looked at trying to build either 2D or 3D structures from materials we found around us.


This picture shows how a group of girls started working on their structure.



Clearly, making a TV in the middle of the meadow was going to be a challenge!


At first, some of the children were unsure if they would be able to handle the tools but once they got started, there was no stopping them



After some time, the boys found that their house was much sturdier than when we had started and settled down for a well deserved rest.



It was amazing in the meadow and some of the items we found were too. Firstly.. a muscle. How did that get there? A muscle.



And one of the boys made a surprise discovery..



..yes, it was a stick!

On a more serious note though, one of the girls really took to tying knots for one of the sculptures and really focused  on the task in hand.



The same pupil discovered this insect...



This is a Cardinal beetle. Red-headed cardinal beetles are normally found at the edges of woodland.  Adults of this variety usually emerge around May in England, when they tend to be found under loose bark on deciduous trees. Fallen and standing timber and rotting stumps can also host this species. As the weather gets warmer, they disperse and are often found on dense, low plants as in this case.  They bask for long periods on large leaves often near water.


Finally, the children were attacked by an alien plant which modeled itself on VELCRO by jumping up and 'sticking' to them. They were hounded by it all the way back to school and a number of the children went home with clumps of it on their heads!!!

Here are the finished sculptures that the children made..





Monday 15th May 2017


Children who did not go on the PGL trip spent the morning helping other children whilst some continued to sort books in the library. In the afternoon we went to Funges Meadow with Chiltern Rangers and started the adventure...


In this first picture, our intrepid hunters stalk into the wilderness, armed with basic tools and a trusty Chiltern Rangers hat!



One of the boys caught this beautiful specimen of a moth...



...whilst a group of girls FOUND this spider. It doesn't mean that they put it into the viewer though!


Only one of the boys managed to use the pooter. Thankfully, he used it correctly and managed to temporarily capture anothr specimen.



The girls were proud of their collection of things, these included a centipede, a variety of spiders,  and other small creatures, some old china, glass and a small blue bird's egg.



Even the adults were fascinated by the collection of wildlife. Some of the bugs were VERY small!



Keep looking each day for further updates.

Monday 15th May



Hello everyone,

Currently only writing this at 11pm (all the children are tucked up in their beds fast asleep.  ) We arrived safely at PGL and have had a long but enjoyable day. We've played lots of games together and enjoyed a cosy campfire this evening. We will update you with photos when we can - although the wifi is pretty non-existent!

Hope you are all doing well,


Miss Styles and all at PGL


14th May

Hi everyone,

I'm currently making sure I've got everything I need to take to PGL this week! Please look carefully at the weather for this week whether you're going to PGL or staying in Wycombe as there is rain forecast throughout the week - not the beautiful sunshine I was hoping May would bring!

Make sure you have the right clothes for the weather!


Parents dropping off children for PGL tomorrow are welcome to stay to wave us off for around 9.30 tomorrow morning and drop off any last medication as necessary. 


See you all tomorrow,

Miss Styles




To all children going to PGL from 15th May, please see below for the provisional (not the final thing and subject to change if the centre need to) timetable for the activities we will be doing for the week.


There will be 2 groups and both groups will do the same activities but just at different times.


I hope this encourages you to look forward to the trip and that you are as excited as we are to be going!


To those not going to PGL, I will let you know what you will be doing for that week, next week at school.


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoy the extra day off! You have all been working extremely hard - keep it up!


 -Miss Styles and the Year 6 Team

PGL Provisional Timetable of Activities

PGL Provisional Timetable of Activities 1

Hi All,


Happy Easter to those of you celebrating this weekend smiley


Looking forward to seeing you all next week. Just a reminder to decide on something which you think is the best existing invention, ready for when we return next week for our 'Ingenious Inventions' topic.


Don't eat too much chocolate...


Miss Styles



Information for parents released from the STA (Standards and Testing Agency) regarding this year's SATs. Please copy and paste the following link into your browser to see the video:


Please also see the document attached above which includes the dates/necessary details (as explained before within the SATs information evening presentation).


Please note that I strongly advise against using past paper materials from last year's SATs because these are invaluable to us within school. Thank you for your support.



Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying a break from school, spending time with your family and making the most of the sunshine!


If any of you are looking for some additional revision material (on top of the CGP books sent home) here are some websites which may come in handy for you.


Maths: (this is the one we have been using in class. You will need to use an email address and password to sign up but it is free and has the 'countdown to SATs' questions. Remember to click on KS2 questions!)






Please see the Homework page for more information:


Easter Holiday Homework:

We have decided to send home the CGP books for English and Maths (question and revision books – 4 in total) for you to work through in preparation for next half term’s SATs. 


Also remember to have fun, rest and relax – this will also be extremely useful for when you return back to school to a busy Summer term.

Izzy, Daisy and Evie

Still image for this video
Performance poetry


Still image for this video

Performance poetry

Still image for this video
Mary, Emily and Helisha

Performing poetry

Still image for this video
Rowan and Nicholas

English Performance Poetry

Still image for this video
We watched Michael Rosen's Performance poetry to inspire us to try our own.

We had a very short preparation time to rehearse a poem we hadn't seen before to perform to the rest of the class.

Demi and Ellen.

Reading and writing outside

Reading and writing outside 1
Reading and writing outside 2
Reading and writing outside 3
Reading and writing outside 4
Reading and writing outside 5

Science week experimenting with latex liquid rubber

Science week experimenting with latex liquid rubber 1
Science week experimenting with latex liquid rubber 2
Science week experimenting with latex liquid rubber 3
Science week experimenting with latex liquid rubber 4
Science week experimenting with latex liquid rubber 5

Digestion with Miss Room

All dressed up for World Book Day

All dressed up for World Book Day 1 Which characters can you spot?


Artwork  1 Sketches of fierce dragon heads for longboats

Monday 13th March


Hi all,


I have to start by apologising for my lack of updates on this page. I plan on making up for it over the next few months with lots of photos showing the learning we have been doing and pieces of work etc (especially now we have a brand new ipad to take lots of photos on!) 


I wanted to say thank you so much to all of the parents who attended the information evening this evening (and those who sent their apologies). I really enjoyed speaking with lots of you about things coming up in the next few months and have come away feeling extremely positive and grateful to have your support this year.


We are all working extremely hard at school to support your children in as many ways as possible and I have really noticed a difference between September and now. 


I will be uploading the information to this website very soon for those of you who couldn't attend or would like to go through it with your child. Please feel free to discuss any questions you might have with me as and when you think of them.


Thank you again for your support,


Miss Styles and the Year 6 team


We've had a good start to our half term so far with debating about who should become president of America, developing our knowledge of fractions and visiting the war cenotaph at Wycombe Marsh for the Remembrance Day service. Year 6 represented the school very well during the service on Friday and we enjoyed the opportunity to speak with a WW2 veteran (pictures below) and ask questions which we were interested in from our previous topic last half term.


We had a visit from Highcrest Academy where we were lucky enough to be an audience for the Year 9 Drama students to perform some anti-bullying related plays to us. We behaved well and enjoyed seeing the students display their messages and morals to their acting parts.


Thank you very much to all of the parents who came along for parent's evenings this week - it was lovely to meet you all properly and discuss how your children are doing so far. I appreciate all of your support in your children's education. We have a lot of work ahead of us this year but I know we're going to have fun and challenge ourselves along the way.


I hope you are all having a lovely weekend,


Miss Styles



Remembrance Day Service

Remembrance Day Service 1 Marsh War Cenotaph Remembrance Service
Remembrance Day Service 2 WW2 Veteran

Year 6,

I hope you have been enjoying your half term break so far and practising your times tables, reading and practising any spellings you may find tricky. 


An idea to keep you going as a bonus half term homework linked to our new topic... 'The Amazing Americas'. After half term we will be learning about North and South America. I would like you to research a native American animal (an animal which comes from/lives in America). Once you have decided on your animal, please create a fact file (which can be presented in any way you like) about that animal and where it lives, what the diet of the animal is, the size, habitat and any other interesting facts about it. 


I'm really looking forward to seeing your fact files when we return to school next week!


Also, if any of you are lucky enough to have been to America (North or South), please find out where you have been and ask family members what it was like there. 


Enjoy your half term break and I look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 1st November ready to start a new term together.


Miss Styles

Welcome to Year 6! 


Sorry for the delay in getting this page up and running - I was waiting for log-ins etc to be set up!


I've just got back from Adam's Park with many of you and am very proud of how far you've all come so far this half term (every single one of you!).


Year 6 is full of challenges and requires a lot of independence, determination and concentration and some of you are doing all of these things well already. 


I've been so impressed by the efforts for 'Bonus Homework' entries so far. I really enjoy seeing your creativity and thank you to the people at home for helping and encouraging the children to complete these extra challenges. This week's Bonus Homework is to research and create a medal which was awarded for efforts made in World War 2.


One week left and lots still to pack in to this half term. I look forward to meeting parents/carers properly for parent's evenings after half term.


Make sure you're working hard - it's only you who can do that!  


Miss Styles