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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

School Opens On Monday 25th February - Breakfast club as normal



Well done! smiley

Spellings Week 6 10/10 from Friday 16th February 2019:


Spellings Week 5 10/10 from Friday 9th February 2019:


Spellings Week 4 10/10 from Friday 2nd February 2019:

Megan, David, Vanessa and Kyla.


Spellings Week 3 10/10 from Friday 26th January 2019:

Megan, David, Amaar, Zaidan, Vanessa, Leon, Kyla, Amy, Sahara and Morgan.


Spellings Week 2 10/10 from Friday 19th January 2019:

Megan. Alfie, Emilia, David, Aidan, Amaar, Vanessa, Leon, Kyla and Morgan.


Spellings Week 1 10/10 from Friday 12th January 2019:

David, Zaidan, Vanessa, Leon, Kyla and Amy.