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Christmas Jumper Day Friday 14th December -A small donation of 50p to go towards the charity Save The Children.

Headteacher's Blog

This is the time of year when prospective parents look to schools for places for September 2018. Some people are looking to transfer within the academic year. Whatever your reason, it is well worth arranging to visit the school to look at what we have to offer.An amazing outdoor learning environment, strong links with the community, a fully functional teaching kitchen, and that is just the beginning!! (April 2018)
Look out for staff vacancies, if there is nothing is suitable, why not offer to volunteer to work on or even run one of a number of projects that are being initiated in the school!

Take a look under the key information section to see the latest results of the parent survey - AMAZING!!

Some recent comments from visitors to the Academy:



I have noticed a huge improvement in the school and it is a much happier place. - PARENT


I am really pleased with the help and support the school has given our family. - PARENT


What a great welcome to the school, I can see how much it has improved since I came here last. - BUCKS SOCIAL WORKER


Your school is like a Genie's lamp, not so good from the outside but magical on the inside! - PARENT


The school has got a totally different feel to it, much more positive and you can feel it throughout the school. - 6 to 7 Transfer Support


The school is moving in the right direction and we can see that the welfare and well-being of the children is being fully supported here. - School Nurse


The school is much more approachable than it used to be. - PARENT


I'm hearing very positive messages now from  neighbours with children at the school - and good reports of the new Headteacher! - Local resident and ex Headteacher (Different LA)


My child is in Year 6, could they go back to year 3 and start again? - PARENT


Thank you, you have already implemented so much support for this family - Family Resiliance.


I was very impressed with the support already in place and the ideas you have to develop this further to support mental health among pupils.

Your wealth of knowledge, clear understanding of mental health needs and passion will go a long way to supporting the children in your School to learn and grow in a safe environment.

I feel the work you are doing is a great model that could be shared with other school as best practice. - CAHMS

Keep your eyes on the website, you will be able to follow us on twitter soon!!

Garden Project

The garden project is well under way,it would be great if there were any parents who were able to give up a little time to help us with this project.  We have very limited tools to do this, so if you are able to donate any tools, we would really appreciate it!

Fantastic news, our outside classroom was installed last year and since then we have been making the most of the good weather and using it to it's full potential!

FANTASTIC feedback from our January 2016 HMI monitoring visit - I am so proud!

Philosophy for Children

Our pupils have been taking part in P4C lessons for some time now - the video below is a good example of what we are trying to achieve........we want our pupils to think about and question the "norm" - to not simply accept "that is the way it is". We are trying to grow a learning community of deep thinkers, who reflect often and form their own, educated opinions. In the clip below, little Luiz Antonio is doing just this at a very young age, allowed to do so, of course, by his very thoughtful mother