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Harry Potter Trip Monday 10th June Yr 6


 GOING FOR GOLD STARS is a positive reward for children that is not solely based on academic work and attendance but concentrates on 3 qualities:


  • showing kindness to other children and adults
  • being resilient and not giving up
  • showing independence in all aspects of school life


Children can be awarded a 'Going for Gold slip' and automatically awarded 3 house points. When a child receives 3 slips a special certificate will be sent home and they will be award a gold star. when a child receives 6 slips, they will receive a gold pen, another gold star and they will appear on our website, newsletter and their parents will be invited to attend the celebration assembly.


Amelia, Macy-Marie and Jake - are in the running for Going For Gold!



Lucca - for being much more confident in class and answering lots of questions

Jessica - for supporting another child in a very caring manner and encouraging them

Amelia - for bringing in lots of props and resources to help others in our assembly, also for using her time to support her learning

Amelia - for going above and beyond with our assembly

De'ena - for supporting another child in a caring manner and encouraging them

Anna - for offering to support a member of another year group back to class after injuring themselves

Eliza - for fantastic work which was more than expected for homework

Kieran - for helping the school in his free time

Hamza - for completing a huge amount of additional work at home by choice

Roxana - for completing additional work at home to independently improve her learning



Macy-Marie - patiently sat and tied up a Y3 shoes and making sure she was safe enough to play football, it was really lovely to see this kindness

Tommy - for amazing perseverance with dividing fractions at home

Macy-Marie - for an amazing contribution to our assembly and being so selfless

Isa - for being extremely helpful and kind with our assembly and beyond

Dominik - Thank you for organising and helping children with their computers.  your help was amazing with those children that came in early Wednesday

Leelund - for being a wonderful role model and showing others how to do the cupcake cooking



Casey - for being so kind and patient when helping someone else after P.E

Jake - for being so kind and patient when helping someone else after P.E

Jake - for helping a new member of our class during hard times

Ryan - for helping a new member of our class control his emotions

Charlie - for being so thoughtful and including someone into her group at lunchtime when that person was upset

Mya - for being very helpful to others and doing jobs around the classroom that others may not want to do

Sadie - for showing great understanding of other pupil's needs and helping them achieve the best they can

Caitlin - for showing great understanding of other people's needs and helping them when ever needed



Alfie - for being super understanding and showing kindness to others

Sahara - for being more confident in class and working independently in all her subjects

Nikki - for her amazing research at home and for sharing it with the class

David - for being extremely helpful in class and supporting other children

Morgan - for being independent in remembering to come to the office every day, showing maturity, good manners and a sense of humour



Rumel - For a huge amount of extra work at home


4 ELM:

Shay - for an amazing hard effort all year to improve his handwriting and presentation