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Monday 23rd April - Year 4 trip to Verulamium Museum


 GOING FOR GOLD STARS is a positive reward for children that is not solely based on academic work and attendance but concentrates on 3 qualities:


  • showing kindness to other children and adults
  • being resilient and not giving up
  • showing independence in all aspects of school life


Children can be awarded a 'Going for Gold slip' and automatically awarded 3 house points. When a child receives 3 slips a special certificate will be sent home and they will be award a gold star. when a child receives 6 slips, they will receive a gold pen, another gold star and they will appear on our website, newsletter and their parents will be invited to attend the celebration assembly.


These children are well on their way to becoming GOLD SUPERSTARS!


3 OAK: Teddy - for being observant and thinking about everybody's saftey.


3 OAK: (3 Oak) You've demonstrated great care for our environment by tidying and picking up rubbish repeatedly after others


3 OAK: David - for solving a problem in a mature way


3 OAK: Abida - for being a great friend and considering others when making choices


3 OAK: phoebe - for being an excellent friend and helping others solve problems


4 CEDAR: Osman - for acts of kindness in the playground when another child was upset - putting another child's feelings before his own.  Well done Osman!


5 HAZEL: Olivia - for supporting another child at lunchtime, through a stressful situation, she hugged them and assured them everything would be ok.  so sweet, well done!

5 HAZEL: The whole class - for reorganising the library for the whole school and demonstrating amazing teamwork

5 HAZEL: Amelia - for looking after someone so well and being an amazing friend at lunchtime when they really needed someone