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Cancelled Netball Club this Thursday 6th June 3.30pm - 4.30pm yr5 &yr6


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Here at Beechview Academy we like to recognise those children that are gifted and talented.




Kieran has been going to Martial Arts for just over two years, he started in the Dragons, where he earned 6 belts and competed in tournaments.  He aslo has achieved  2 Gold medals and one Silver.

I am delighted to tell you that he moved up to the Juniors group and recently Kieran completed his grading for his Adult Blue Belt.



Chloe has been attending The Freda Gurney School of Dance since the tender age of 3 years. Part of her repartee is tap dancing and theatre craft. Chloe has won an award and a certificate for demonstrating proficiency in theatre craft a primary grade with distinction.


Following in her big brother Charles gymnastic footsteps, Amelia has won an amazing Gold in the in-house competition at Booker Gym Club. The event included; floor, beam and high bars. Amelia has only been performing for the last year and this was only her second event.


Congratulations to Kazi for achieving 2nd place out of 26 students in the     mid-term Madrassah exams, for the Madrassah year. A Madrassa is an Islamic religious school that teaches basic Islam education.


Samuel is a gifted cyclist and in his free time enjoys riding his bike, hills are his particularly favourite, as he likes the challenge of riding up big, steep hills.

For the last two years Samuel has ridden around London in the Ride London Freecycle – it is a route that is 14 miles long. Samuel has also ridden his bike in aid of Wheelpower the national charity to support young disabled people.


We have a budding actor in our midst, Harry belongs to the acting agency Quirky Kidz and in his budding career he has performed in a musical comedy at her Majesty’s Theatre in the West end. He has played the Grinch in his academy’s Christmas performance, while at the same time playing Joseph in his previous schools’ nativity play.

Harry also had a small role as a street kid in a German art house feature film and has a part in the short PQA film, The Dancing Shoe.

Harry had a really exciting day filming at the Warner Brothers studios.  Harry was filmed in a couple of scenes for a major new feature film which is due to be released in November 2018.  The film is set in the 1920s and Harry spent the day dressed in clothes from that era.  "It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had!"  What is the film called? Sshhhhh...Harry is not allowed to say, not yet anyway, but it is very exciting!